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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The deadline for applications for the Energy of Youth - 2018 contest has been extended

The Global Energy Association extends the deadline for the submission of applications for participation in the 15th All-Russian contest of youth research projects in the field of power engineering, The Energy of Youth. The new deadline for applications is 21 October 2018. The contest encompasses three lines, and each of them will have a winner. The winners will receive grants of 1 million rubles to continue their research. The total grant fund of the contest is 3 million rubles.

Over the 15 years, more than 1000 works have been received by the Energy of Youth contest. Today, the grant has been received by more than 170 young scientists from 162 leading organizations: profile universities, research centers and industry companies located in 67 regions of Russia.

One of the past winners of the Energy of Youth Contest Dmitry Solntsev received a prize for an invention that makes it possible to test the efficiency of a new generation reactor facility which was to “feed” the world’s first “floating nuclear power plant”. Dmitry has used his grant to establish a data bank and to substantiate the thermal technical reliability of the reactor core. He reports: “To date, the world’s first floating nuclear power plant is equipped with a KLT-40C reactor facility. Our research was devoted to the substantiation of the working capacity of its individual elements. In the near future, the people of the city of Pevek (Chukotka Autonomous Region) will be able to use electricity generated by the floating NPP”.

The Energy of Youth contest is held annually by the Global Energy Association in order to identify the most promising scientific research and development performed by students, post-graduate students and young scientists under the age of 35 and to stimulate their research activities in the field of power engineering.

The contest comprises three directions:
• Traditional energy (gas, coal, oil, heat energy and electrical power)

•  Non-traditional energy (RES, nuclear power, hydrogen energy, bioenergy)

• New technologies (fundamentally new types of technologies / materials for energy production, space technologies).

Such separation into individual directions contributes to the identification of promising research performed by young scientists in the fields of power engineering that do not compete with each other. According to the results of the contest, one winner will be determined in each direction who will receive a grant of 1 million rubles to continue their research. The names of the winners will be determined based on the results of expert assessment.

To participate, young scientists have to submit an application on the official website of the Global Energy Association, in the “Our Programs” section on the page of the contest.

The applications can be submitted from 01 July till 21 October 2018.

In 2016, The Energy of Youth contest received an international award in the field of mass communications, IPRA Golden World Awards, for excellence in public relations and effective search for the best specialists in the industry.

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