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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

18th March

Energy in the new technological cycle: The VIII Global Energy Prize Summit in Germany

The VIII Global Energy Prize Summit will take place at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, on April 10, 2019. Under the heading “Energy in the new technological cycle” world-leading scientists, politicians and industry experts from 13 countries will meet to discuss the most pressing energy and climate challenges of today. Within the framework of this topic, a panel session and several round tables will be held at the Summit.


2nd March

Zhores Alferov passed away

On March 2, at the age of 89, an outstanding scientist, author of fundamental and works in the field of physics, the 2005 Global Energy Prize laureate passed away.


19th February

The Global Energy Association took a prize for the best award ceremony

The Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony won a prize of the International Festival of event marketing and communications BEMA in the nomination "Best award ceremony".


18th February

The Global Energy Prize will be given in three nominations

According to the new statute, the Global Energy Prize will be given in 3 nominations since 2019: "Traditional energy", "Non-traditional energy" and "New ways of energy application". The Global Energy Association continues accepting nomination submissions on its official website. Names of new laureates will be announced at the end of May 2019.


12th February

Boris Katorgin, founder of RD-180: "The Raptor's Success is doubtful"

The head of SpaceX Elon Musk declared that Raptor rocket engine reached an indicator of 268.9 bars and broke the record set by the Russian RD-180 engine. The creator of the rocket RD-180 engine Boris Katorgin, the Global Energy Prize laureate -2012, notes that there is no exact data for the assessment of this achievement.


8th February

The Global Energy Association congratulates on the Day of Russian science!

The Day of Russian science is celebrated annually on February 8. The Global Energy Association`s team congratulates the Russian scientific community, employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and Head of RAS, Alexander Sergeev. The Global Energy Association wishes honored scientists to continue their contribution to the world scientific heritage and young researchers to implement the most daring ideas and continue their eminent predecessor`s traditions.


4th February

Academician Alexey Kontorovich: the crisis in Venezuela has a political character

Alexey Kontorovich, the 2009 Global Energy Prize laureate, the Global Energy Prize International Committee member, commented on political crisis in Venezuela, and named the actions of the USA illegitimate according to the international law. He also gave an estimation of the effect caused by this conflict on the world oil market.


29th January

Sergey Alekseenko: Kazakhstan needs to develop renewable energy

Sergey Alekseenko, the 2018 Global Energy Prize laureate, RAS Academician, called the opening of a solar power plant with a capacity of 100 megawatts in Sarani (Karaganda, Kazakhstan region) an important step in the development of renewable energy in the country.


22nd January

The energy transformation will reshape the geopolitical map

Political and business leaders from around the world outlined the far-reaching geopolitical implications of the energy transformation driven by the rapid growth of renewable energy. “The changes can be as significant as those which have arisen as a result of transition from biomass to fossil-fuels have done over the last 200 years,” say the authors of the report "A New World", the Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation experts.


18th January


Geoffrey Hewitt, well-known British chemist and engineer, the 2007 Global Energy Prize laureate died on January 18, 2019. . Professor Hewitt devoted his life to the study of incredible phenomena at the boundaries of environments and the popularization of scientific knowledge.


16th January

WFES – 2019: The Global Energy Association’s visit to Khalifa University

On January 16, within the business trip to the World Future Energy Summit 2019 (Abu Dhabi, UAE), the Global Energy Association’s delegation made a visit to Khalifa University to discuss the terms of partnership with the University. Khalifa University is the world recognized research center that is engaged in the development of the knowledge-intensive industry, it actively expands the international partners’ network and the program for innovations advance in the UAE and the region in general.


15th January

Adnan Amin: Renewable energy sources to improve the overall welfare of humanity

“Renewables must account for at least two-thirds of total energy to achieve the goals of deep decarbonization and address the global warming by 2050,” considers Adnan Amin, member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). He discussed the issue of climate change due to hydrocarbon emissions and other human-induced disturbance at a special panel session within the World Future Energy Summit 2019 (WFES) in Abu Dhabi (UAE).


15th January

WFES – 2019: the Global Energy Association and Heriot-Watt University Dubai negotiations on cooperation

The Global Energy Association’s business program on the World Future Energy Summit 2019 (WFES) is underway. Today, on January 15, the Global Energy Prize Association’s delegation held a meeting with the representatives of Heriot-Watt University Dubai: Dr. Tadhg S. O’Donovan, Associate Head of School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Assistant Deputy Principal (Research and Innovation).


15th January

WFES – 2019: the Global Energy Association delegation’s and Adnan Amin Director General of (IRENA) negotiations

The representatives of the Global Energy Association delegation held a special meeting with Adnan Amin, member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), on the second day of the World Future Energy Summit 2019 (on January, 15) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


15th January

Diplomacy in the context of the global energy transition

"Development of bilateral diplomatic relations is the most effective tool of energy interest’s achievement," - considers Steven Griffiths, the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee Member, Senior Vice President for Research and Development, Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KUST). The expert made a speech at the World Future Energy Summit 2019 (WFES) today in Abu Dhabi (UAE), where he examined the value of the international relations in the context of global energy transition.


14th January

WFES – 2019: the Global Energy Association delegation and IEF Secretary General Sun Xiansheng negotiations

The annual World Future Energy Summit 2019 started on January, 14 in Abu Dhabi (UAE). It is one of the most authoritative event of the world energy industry. The delegation of the Global Energy Association traditionally participates in the event. Alexander Ignatov, acting President of the Global Energy Association, and Sun Xiansheng, IEF Secretary General, have held a meeting to discuss the needed formats of further mutual interaction.


13th January

The Global Energy Association will participate in the World Future Energy Summit 2019

From 14 to 17 January 2019 the capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi will hold the annual World Future Energy Summit, one of the most influential events of the energy area. The global annual summit will gather the industry leaders, heads of large corporations, industry experts, investors and executives for discussion global energy problems. The delegation of the Global Energy Association traditionally takes part in the business program of the forum.


11th January

Shuji Nakamura is developing a laser diode of new generation

SLD Laser company is a world leader in the commercialization of visible laser light sources, has announced the production launch of its LaserLight™ laser diodes for automotive and specialty lighting applications. Its co-owner, Dr. Shuji Nakamura has been developing LaserLight with a group of scientists. He is the 2015 Global Energy Prize laureate and Nobel Laureate in Physics (2014). The prototype of LaserLight for intelligent illumination is shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8 – 11, 2019.


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