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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.


Geoffrey Hewitt, well-known British chemist and engineer, the 2007 Global Energy Prize laureate  died on January 18, 2019. Professor Hewitt devoted his life to the study of incredible phenomena at the boundaries of environments and the popularization of scientific knowledge.

The main subjects of Hewitt's research were hydrodynamics and heat exchange in two-phase streams, as well as the use of water resources for energy production. He became worldwide famous by his researches in the field of multiphase flows and heat transfer in such flows. And multiphase flows became not just a matter of his life, but also his great affection. Receiving the 2007 Global Energy Prize "for the idea of fuel production on the basis of water energy", the Professor said: “It is strange to receive the Prize for what I love to do. I've been working all my life on a theme that I've always found fascinating and that is still full of interest and surprises!”

Geoffrey Hewitt was born in 1934 in Warrington, England. He graduated from Manchester University. During the period from 1957 to 1990, he headed the Department of Heat Exchange and Hydrodynamics in Harwell Laboratory. Since 1990, he taught at Imperial College London and carried out research activity in the sphere of hydrodynamics and heat exchange within two-phase flows. In 1999, he became an Honored Professor at Imperial College London, where he taught chemical engineering from 1993. He also elected as a Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), became the Member of the Royal Society of Great Britain and received an honorary doctorate from Heriot-Watt University.

Professor Hewitt has often noted that the main secrets of success in science – is the passion of the researcher and curiosity about how the world works. In his complimentary speech during the Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony, he said: “Isaac Newton once wrote that he feels like a child playing by the sea, while a huge ocean of Truth is splashing around. I hope that I will be allowed to play on the shore of multiphase streams for a few more years, and those who follow me will move further into this ocean!”

We are sure that Professor Hewitt`s students and followers will continue his scientific path, and the memory of him will forever remain in people`s hearts who love him. The Global Energy Association expresses its sincere condolences to Professor Hewitt's family, friends, students and all his relatives. This is an incalculable loss for all of us. Remember, mourn!

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