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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The application period for the Global Energy Prize is over

The Global Energy Association completed the application period for the Global Energy Prize in 2019. All nomination submissions are handed over for a professional examination. The final decision on the laureates’ selection will be taken by the International Award Committee, which consists of 20 honored experts from 14 countries. The names of new laureates will be announced on May 30, 2019.

39 scientists from 12 countries will compete for the title of the Global Energy Prize laureate. About 40% of candidates’ researches were submitted for the nomination “traditional energy”. Over 33% of the scientific studies of nominees belong to the nomination “non-traditional  energy”. Also, more than a quarter of entries were received for the third nomination - “new ways of energy application”. Among the nominees for the Prize are scientists from such countries as China, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, South Korea the Netherlands, the UK, the USA.

“As of today, the first stage of the Global Energy Prize nomination cycle has been completed. A board of international experts is going about work. I am convinced that their conclusion will be objective and unbiased. The nomination process of this year is different from all the others, because at present the Global Energy Prize will be awarded in three nominations. The tendencies of recent years show that the majority of submissions to the Prize comes regarding the fields of traditional and non-traditional energy. It is important for us to show the direction of scientific research and technologies development in all areas of energy, that is why we have decided to allocate separate nominations," said the acting President of the Global Energy Association Alexander Ignatov.

Recall that the Global Energy Prize laureates could be scientists from any country of the world, the authors of outstanding research and development, whose discoveries and technological innovations help to solve the most acute energy problems. The right to nominate candidates for the Prize possess world's famous scientists, among them are Nobel Prize winners, laureates of the Kyoto, Max Planck, Wolf, Balzan, Zayed Future Energy, Energy Globe, Goldman Environment and UNEP Sasakawa Prizes, Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and of foreign academies of sciences, scientists or organizations invited by the Association for membership in the nominating pool. In addition, energy experts can send an application to join the nomination pool. After evaluation and approval by the Global Energy Association, they are given the right to nominate their candidate. The nomination process is strictly confidential. Three independent international experts evaluate each nomination submission.

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