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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Global Energy Association extended the deadline for applications submission for the Global Energy Youth Program

Applications` submission for the Global Energy Youth Program have been extended until July, 31, 2019. Recall the program became international since this year. Now young engineers from all over the world can take part in the contest for the best research project and implemented idea. The winners will receive grants for the continuation of research and personal awards in the amount of around 14 000 Euros each. The total prize fund of the program this year is 56 000 Euros.

Applications can be submitted in the online system on the association's website in the programs section until July, 31. The winners will be determined by the results of experts` examination that will be carried out until September, 1. The winners will be announced on the Association`s website on September, 15.

“The Global Energy Association has been holding competitions for young researchers since 2004. Previously, we chose the best researchers only in the country, and this year we decided to open the possibility for participation of specialists from abroad. As is often the case with new projects, there were some difficulties, which, for example, had not previously encountered participants from Russia. This applies to the new rules of registration of documents, their submission in English. In turn, foreign universities, with which we have partnerships, also ask to increase the deadline for applications, as their contestants have a lot of technical questions about the rules of participation. Therefore, we went to a meeting with our potential participants and extended the total period of the first stage of the program", - acting President of the Global Energy Association Alexander Ignatov commented.

Recall that applications are accepted in Russian and English in two categories "Idea" and "Startup". Students, young scientists and specialists under the age of 40 engaged in research and development in the field of energy are invited to participate in the program. The nomination "Idea" considers international projects and research in the field of energy in three areas: “Traditional energy”, “Non-traditional energy” and “New ways of energy application”. Winners are determined in each of these three areas: one per area. Each winner receives a grant in the amount of around 14 000 Euros for the continuation of his research in the framework of the announced project for a period of one calendar year.

International projects in the field of energy, successfully introduced into production during the last 5 years, are accepted for participation in the competition in the “Startup” category.  For this category, one winner receives a personal prize of around 14 000 Euros.

The purpose of the Global Energy Youth Program is to stimulate the scientific activity and inspire young specialists in the field of energy by providing them with grants and personal awards. In addition, an important role is given to the identification of promising research and successfully implemented developments of young representatives of the scientific community, contributing to the development of the global energy industry. Special attention is paid to the formation of the personnel reserve of future power engineers. 

Recall that the Global Energy Association has been holding competitions for young researchers since 2004 with a total of 1,120 contestants and 73 winners. The winners have received a total of about 1100 000 Euros in grants and personal awards. Today, 25% of the winners’ projects have been fully implemented in the production process or are at the final stage of development. The winners’ projects cover all major areas of the energy sector. 55.4% of the projects are related to R&D in traditional energy, 31% are aimed at the development of alternative energy, and 14% concern new energy technologies. Building on its long-term experience in holding contests for young scientists in Russia, the Global Energy Association is bringing its Youth Program to the international level starting from 2019.

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