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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The highlights of the Global Energy Association visit to Johannesburg (South Africa)

The Global Energy Association, together with its partner BRICS Youth Energy Agency (BRICS YEA), as part of a business trip to Johannesburg (South Africa), held a number of meetings with representatives of the South African business community and specialists from leading universities in the country. During the negotiations, the parties identified possible ways for further cooperation, principles and directions for the development of joint projects.

The Global Energy Association started its working visit to Johannesburg, with an official meeting with the South African National Youth Development Agency NYDA. Representatives of South African government departments also attended the meeting.The representative of Global Energy presented the International Youth Program at the meeting and invited young power engineers from South Africa to take part in the competition in 2020.NYDA executives, in turn, talked about their organization’s activities, development prospects and challenges. In particular, they noted existing resource shortage problem in the country. There is an active search for new technologies that will allow mixing various types of energy generation. Representatives of NYDA are sure that the young generation of talented scientists and energy workers will cope with this task.

The second meeting as part of the Global Energy Association working trip to Johannesburg was with young researchers from the University of Pretoria.The Center for New Electricity Research (CNES) based in the University of Pretoria. A leading research institute engages in the most advanced research in the energy sector. For example, scientists are exploring floating solar panels, at the moment. Such batteries can be a good solution for many countries where a lack of land for the construction of standard solar power plants exists.During the Global Energy presentation of the Association's activities, young specialists of the University got interested in the Global Energy International Youth Program and its further development under their auspices.In addition, representatives of the Center expressed interest in the upcoming Global Energy Summit, which is scheduled to be held in China in 2020. The summit is a great opportunity for CNES to get acquainted and exchange experience with a wide range of specialists and innovators.

The Global Energy Association’s working trip ended with a meeting with representatives from the University of South Africa, the largest university on the African continent.  A third of all students in South Africa study over there.After the presentation of the Association’s activities, the parties discussed a wide range of issues, including the development of cooperation in the field of youth policy, the prospects of joint research projects in the energy sector, the possible involvement of experts and university professors in the Association’s projects, and also the participation of students in the Global Energy International Youth Program.

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