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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Global Energy Association and GEIDCO discussed the prospects of cooperation.

As a part of a working visit to China, the delegation of the Global Energy Association held a series of meetings with the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization GEIDCO, headed by its Chairman Liu Zhenya. The parties discussed areas of cooperation, programs for implementing joint initiatives and decided to sign a partnership agreement at the upcoming IX Global Energy Prize Summit in Beijing.

The Head of the Global Energy Association Alexandr Ignatov attended the Fourth Session of the First Council of the GEIDCO. He presented the organization’s activities, the main achievements of the Global Energy Prize, projects aimed to develop international energy cooperation, and plans for the further development of the Global Energy Association as an international discussion platform.

Under the aegis of Global Energy Association different generations of both young scientists and recognized industry experts unite to achieve common goals and to develop technologies that can provide a “clean” and sustainable future for all”, stated Alexaander Ignatov.

The Chairman of  GEIDCO  Liu Zhenya highly appreciated the Association’s contribution to the development of the international energy dialogue. Не noted the common goals of both organizations and the need to combine accumulated experience and knowledge to solve global energy problems.

The parties discussed various aspects of cooperation, international issues and challenges in the field of energy and  the practical implementation of joint initiatives, in particular, the IX Global Energy Prize Summit to be held in April 2020 in China. The Agenda of the Summit will also include the signing of a cooperation agreement between GEICO and the Global Energy Association. Partnership with GEIDCO will strengthen the Association's initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region and will involve new experts in the projects. In turn, GEIDCO will have the opportunity to integrate its solutions into the Global Energy Association’s Agenda, which is  being implemented both in Russia and abroad.

As a part of a business trip, the delegates of the Global Energy Association also held a number of meetings with representatives of Asian and European energy companies and business entities. The meetings were attended by representatives of Environment and Energy, Morgan Stanley, European Climate Foundation, China Electricity Council, Siemens, International Electrotechnical Commission, State GRID, University of Birmingham, Electrobras, Korea Electric Power Corporation. Among the main tasks  the participants noted: the development of a consolidated policy and standards for the sustainable development of the electric power industry, the exchange of experience in the field of innovative development, the implementation of environmental protection and climate change campaigns, the joint implementation of new innovative and environmentally friendly projects in the energy sector.

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