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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

The Global Energy Association and the China University of Petroleum negotiations

On October 29, the Global Energy Association’s delegation, headed by CEO of the organization, Alexandr Ignatov, arrived in Beijing (China), to consider further formats for cooperation with the China University of Petroleum. The central theme of the negotiations was the discussion of the 2020 Global Energy Prize Summit organization, which will be held at the University in April 2020.

Every year, starting from 2012, the Association holds the Global Energy Prize Summit, which allows discussing the most urgent energy issues, working out precise mechanisms, ways of their solution and their communication to the public. The upcoming Summit in Beijing will touch upon the most pressing issues of the global energy system, including: changing the global energy balance, the climate crisis, achieving sustainable energy, energy efficiency, energy security, etc.

During the negotiations, Head of the Global Energy Association Alexandr Ignatov noted:“The Global Energy Prize Summit is a well-established discussion platform, we annually bring together leading experts in the energy industry together with a young academic audience with a common goal - to develop joint solutions to the most important energy problems. The choice of the host country for the Global Energy Prize Summit 2020 not accidental. China is one of the main players in the global energy market, which has a key influence on world energy markets and the energy policies of other countries. I am convinced that the main points and key conclusions of our Summit will be in demand and useful for the entire region. ” Highlighting the common goals of the Global Energy Association and the China University of Petroleum in the development of energy science, university leaders noted the importance of organizing initiatives such as the Global Energy Prize Summit in order to strengthen international cooperation in the energy sector and to find answers to global energy challenges in an atmosphere of trust and openness.

Recall that the Global Energy Association became an official honorary partner of the China University of Petroleum, having signed an agreement on cooperation. Partnership conditions include the organization of joint initiatives, the exchange of data on the direction of common activities, the expansion of expert bases, and the organization of a single youth platform for the implementation of scientific projects.

The China University of Petroleum is a leading university in the oil and gas industry and engineering specialties in the region. The university has been selected as the current chairing University of the World Network of Energy Universities for 4 years. WEUN was established at a conference on the 22nd September 2018 in Beijing. The primary purpose of creating a platform is the exchange of experience, communication and cooperation of member universities in the energy sector.

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