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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Open debates about the future of global energy in South Africa

Debate about the future of global energy cannot be held only in closed cabinets, it is necessary to involve society more and more in such discussions. And not only in rich countries, but also in BRICS countries. After a visit to Minsk, the delegation of the Global Energy Association opened a series of meetings in Africa by attending the Africa Energy Indaba conference in CapeTown.

A series of negotiations was opened with a meeting of Beninois Abel Didier Tella, Head of the Association of Power Utilities of Africa (headquarters in Côte d’Ivoire), and Oleg Budargin, Chairman of the Global Energy Association’s Board of Trustees. Mr. Tella said that Africa wants to follow the path of industrial development, and the most optimal options for it are hydropower and gas, which, in turn, are not very popular among Europeans. ‘Before developing solar and wind energy, we must use the resources that we have, natural gas deposits and hydro resources’, - he added.  Oleg Budargin, in turn, had pointed out the applicability of Russian approaches to create a unified energy system for Africa and suggested holding a meeting of African ministers, who had graduated Soviet energy universities in Moscow. One of them is Mr. Tella himself. The preliminary agreement concerns the holding of such a meeting in autumn 2020 at the first anniversary of the Russia - Africa summit.

The President of the Association Sergey Brilev discussed the interpretation of the concept of decarbonisation with Angela Wilkinson, the World Energy Council’s Secretary General. In her opinion, we are observing three different scenarios for the development of the energy sphere: ‘Unfinished Symphony’, ‘Hard Rock’ and ‘Modern Jazz’. An excerpt from the conversation will be broadcasted on the Rossiya 24 channel on this weekend. During the week it will be fully published on the website and on the pages of our Association in social networks in several languages. In the same conversation, the topic of preparations for the 25th anniversary World Energy Congress in St. Petersburg was discussed.

In parallel, the management of the Global Energy Association initiated negotiations with Yolanda de Lange, Director of AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) Certification Administration, Institute of Energy Professionals Africa (IEPA), whose activities extend from South Africa to Kenya. The focus of attention was on the issue of attracting experts from the Institute of Energy Professionals to the Association’s pool of experts. And while the parties are just preparing a cooperation agreement, these new partners have already took part in the nomination process this week.

A series of meetings in South Africa is an important step towards the first conference, which will be organised with the support of the Global Energy Association in developing countries. The New Energy International conference will take place in the Grenadian Capital of St. Georges on May 4-6th 2020. The Global Energy Association will present its best experts to discuss issues of joint work in the field of sustainable development with representatives of business and academic circles of the Caribbean Community countries. At the same time, the Association began to deploy work in the expert environment of continental South America.


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