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The First Fully-Electric Commercial Aircraft Was Tested In the UK

The first test flight of the electric-powered aircraft took place in the UK. A six-seater ZeroAvia aircraft successfully went up in the sky from Cranfield Airport, the developer said.

The HyFlyer project aircraft with hybrid hydrogen-electric transmission flew a total of 60 nautical miles in the eastern part of the country. According to the founder of the company Val Miftakhov, the company will present to the market options for commercial flights with zero emissions already in 2023.

The HyFlyer programme, supported by the UK government, involves the creation of the aircraft with zero emissions, including the ones equipped with electric motors. Hybrid hydrogen-electric units are much lighter and cheaper than electric batteries, that makes them much more suitable for commercial use.

"We all want the airline industry to get back on its feet after the pandemic, and to move towards a future with zero carbon emissions. This is not possible without the implementing realistic commercial options for zeroemissions flights that we will bring to the market in 2023," he said.

ZeroAvia plans to create 10-20-seat aircraft within three years, 50-100-seat aircraft by the end of the decade, and 200-seat aircraft capable of flying 2,000 nautical miles by 2040.

The HyFlyer project, funded by the Innovate UK and the country's Institute of Aerospace Technology, aims to decarbonize small aircraft by replacing the "normal transmission" of aircraft with propellers with electric motors, hydrogen fuel cells and gas storage system.

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