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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.


The Global Energy Prize was entered into the list of ICDA (The International Congress of Distinguished Awards). In its prestige rating the Global Energy Prize is in the category of “mega prizes” for its laudable goals, practices exemplary and the overall prize fund.

Alongside with the Global Energy Prize awards from different countries of the world are also included in the category "mega prizes": Great Britain, Israel, Norway, the USA, Sweden, Japan. They are awarded for achievements in science, culture, medicine and humanism. It is noteworthy that the Global Energy Prize became the only award from Russia that was included in this category.

In the list of the International Congress of Distinguished Awards are included those prizes that are awarded for achievements of national or world importance and promote the popularization of knowledge for the benefit of all humanity. Also an important criterion is exemplary activity for organizing a competition: a transparent process of nominating, selecting and awarding a prize, an independent examination and an impartial jury. In addition, the prize should have a minimum prize fund of USD 100 000, or be recognized as an exceptional award in its field.

“ICDA has been analyzing the activities of world awards for many years. For us as organizers, the recognition as a "mega prize" has the great importance. On the one hand, this confirms the international authority of the Global Energy Prize, on the other, it shows the openness and transparency of the laureates’ nominating and chosen process. We will continue working on the prize’s promotion on the world stage before it is recognized as the most authoritative award in the field of energy”, - mentioned Alexander Ignatov, acting president of the Global Energy Association. – “Energy of the future is created by knowledge, and our experts are the best evidence of this”.

As a recall, nowadays 37 laureates from 12 countries have become the Global Energy Prize laureates for their outstanding research and technical developments in the field of energy. In 2018 scientists from Russia and Australia became the Global Energy Prize laureates: Russian academician Sergey Alekseenko - for developments in the field of heat power engineering, which allow creating modern energy-saving equipment and Professor Martin Green for technologies in photovoltaics increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency of solar cells. The awarding ceremony will be held within the framework of the Russian Energy Week International Forum early in October.

The International Congress of Distinguished Awards – ICDA - is an independent non-profit organization that compiles and updates the roster of the world's most outstanding awards. It was established in 1994 in the USA. ICDA analyses international awards and determines which of them deserve the category of outstanding according to its own developed criteria. The organization maintains a database of awards, conducts research and publishes reports on world awards, as well as trends in their evolution and industry news.


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