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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Warmth and light to our home

In 2018, the author of this article, the well-known scientist-thermophysicist from Novosibirsk, RAS Academician Sergey Alekseenko, became one of two the Global Energy Prize laureates.  The official wording of his merits is "for his contribution to the development of heat power, heat exchange and increasing the resource potential of mankind." Behind these loud words in this case are concrete fundamental and practical work on the creation of modern energy-saving technologies and environmentally friendly power plants. Many of them are based on vortex processes that can improve the efficiency of combustion of fossil fuels, which today is a global problem.

We all know that inexhaustible sources of energy are renewable resources: solar, wind and water energy, biomass energy resources, geothermal energy – the natural heat of the Earth. Among the most promising areas is solar energy. No less important is the petrothermal energy, based on the accumulation of "dry" heat of hot rocks at depths of 3-10 km, where the temperature reaches 350 °C. This energy of human civilization should be enough for almost forever!

All work on renewable energy sources is a long – term activity. Until the middle and perhaps until the end of this century, the main attention in the field of energy will be focused on improving the efficiency of combustion and processing of non – renewable fossil fuels-gas, oil, coal.

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