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The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world’s various and pressing energy challenges.

Energy Efficiency and Ecology to be Discussed at the Global Energy Association side event

Energy resources provide unlimited opportunities to confront the main challenges facing the modern world. In the era of transition to a new technological cycle, access to reliable and safe energy is a priority. These and other topics will be discussed by Global Energy Prize experts at the session “Mission possible: the Global Energy Prize as a driver for sustainable energy for all” at the 24th World Energy Congress (September 9-12, Abu Dhabi).

The participants of the discussion will outline key energy solutions working towards achieving sustainable reality, consider the best innovative technologies aimed at improving energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources and clean technologies in traditional energy, and evaluate the amount of financial resources needed for the energy transition. The speakers will also present examples of global energy cooperation in the fight against environmental problems, analyze the policies of countries that are successful in implementing the sustainable development  strategy and, in contrast, states whose actions lead to the strengthening of global climate problems.

The session “Mission possible: the Global Energy Prize as a driver for sustainable energy for all” will be held on September 10th, on the second day of the congress. The main theme of the 2019 forum is “Energy for Prosperity”. Under its auspices, about 70 panel sessions and discussions will be held on the most pressing issues of development of the main areas of energy.


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