The Association

The Association for the development of international research and projects in the energy sector – “Global Energy” – is a non-governmental organisation, created for the advancement and support of innovation within the realm of energy. And for the development of cooperation in energy.

The creation of “Global Energy” was proclaimed at a Russia-EU summit.

The Association has been in operation since 2002.

Our goal is to boost the international status of the “Global Energy” prize – to enhance its broad profile world-wide and to promote the establishment of open dialogue in the fuel and energy sector by creating a discussion platform for interaction between enterprises and between countries.

The Association is an active participant in international events and holds its own events in different countries.

Prize laureates and members of the International Committee for the “Global Energy” prize also draw up the annual report containing their view of the sector’s future – in the form of “Ten key energy technologies over the next ten years”. The report’s contents are overseen by the association’s experts.

Central Asian climate undergoes irreversible change

By measuring the width, colour and other properties of the rings, researchers said the climate in Central Asia was altered in irreversible fashion against a background of constant heat waves in the 1990s.The unprecedented rise in average temperatures over the years led to a ripple of repetitive processes of drying out the soil – which contributed to a rise in temperatures.

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December 2020