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The Global Energy Association brings together under its auspices young specialists, journalists and leading experts in the global energy field. We inspire young scientists to create advanced scientific and technological developments. Based on the experience of conducting events at the global level, we have formed an international discussion platform where scientists play the leading role. Every year we reward journalists who have made significant contributions to global energy issues. Our programs contribute to the development of innovations, the accumulation of knowledge and the formation of the future energy industry.

The Global Energy Youth Program

The Global Energy Youth Program is held in order to identify the most promising young power engineers` researches and developments contributing to technological progress in the world energy.


Energy of Words

The Energy of Words is an international media competition established in 2004 that aims to encourage both individual journalists and media channels to cover global energy issues. An annual award is made to the journalist or group of journalists who make a significant contribution to the coverage and information broadcast on issues, solutions and trends in the global energy sector.


The International Discussion Platform

Сomplex of activities, which is aimed at the development of energy dialogue between countries, consolidation of the international scientific community, discussion of global energy issues and development of measures to solve them.


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