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The Global Energy Association brings together under its auspices young specialists, journalists and leading experts in the global energy field. We inspire young scientists to create advanced scientific and technological developments. Based on the experience of conducting events at the global level, we have formed an international discussion platform where scientists play the leading role. Every year we reward journalists who have made significant contributions to global energy issues. Our programs contribute to the development of innovations, the accumulation of knowledge and the formation of the future energy industry.

The Energy of Words International Media Contest established by the Global Energy Association in 2004. Each year it recognizes journalists from around the world who through their work have made a significant contribution to the awareness and understanding of global energy issues, trends and solutions.

Entry Requirements

Nominations are accepted on the basis of the submission of a single piece of work from the journalist concerned. Articles, opinion pieces and interviews published in journals, magazines and newspapers, including those published online, are accepted for consideration; submissions should include a maximum 400 word abstract of the article submitted (in English). The abstract should indicate the purpose of the material, the problems that are considered in the publication, the main theses and conclusions of the author. Entries must be submitted from May 28 to July 26, 2019 via the Global Energy Association website. Only those materials that were published in the media from  May 3, 2018 to May 27, 2019 are allowed to participate in the contest.  Articles are accepted in any language provided that an abstract of the article is submitted in English.

The materials are evaluated according to the following criteria: the depth of the research topic, analytical approach, objectivity and unbiased research, innovation of the proposed ideas and literary skills. Evaluation of the competition entries is carried out by an independent expert commission. The decision of the commission is final.

The winners will be announced in mid-August this year. They will have an opportunity to take part in all the events of the Global Energy Prize Laureate`s week in October 2019, during which the award ceremony will be held. In addition, they will be entitled to a number of exclusive interviews.

Winners 2019

1) Andrei Reznichenko (Russia), TASS, Editor-in-chief TASS Science, ‘Secrets of radiation technologies’
2) Mauricio Godoi (Brazil), Canal Energia, Reporter, 'Batteries can enter the market faster than expected'
3) Matthew Veazey (USA), Rigzone, Senior Editor, 'The $13 Billion Offshore Jobs Engine'

Winner 2018 

The winner of the Energy of Words Media Contest 2018 is Geoff Dembicki, journalist of Forein Policy, for coverage "The Convenient Disappearance of Climate Change Denial in China"

Past winners

Winners of the Energy of Words Prize include:

  • Mr. Hal Hodson, journalist of The Economist (UK)
  • Mr. Robin Mills, author at Foreign Policy (UK)
  • Ms. Kaixi Huang, Correspondent of Caixin Media (China)
  • Mr. Terry Macalister, Energy Editor of The Guardian, for coverage of the exploration and production of oil in the Article circle.
  • Mr. Martin Fackler, the Tokyo bureau chief of The New York Times, for his exceptional contributions to the coverage of international energy issues with his series of articles on Fukushima.
  • Ms. Natasha Loder, Correspondent of The Economist, for coverage of the new technologies in manufacturing of the lithium-ion batteries


Submissions are judged on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Subject – All submissions must be related to a contemporary energy issue.
  • Insight – Submissions must provide innovative views and/or research into the subject.
  • Objectivity – Features must provide unbiased analysis of the subject.
  • Quality of research – Submissions are expected to uphold a rigorous level of research.
  • Quality of writing – Submissions are expected to have a high standard of writing.


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