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The Global Energy Association brings together under its auspices young specialists, journalists and leading experts in the global energy field. We inspire young scientists to create advanced scientific and technological developments. Based on the experience of conducting events at the global level, we have formed an international discussion platform where scientists play the leading role. Every year we reward journalists who have made significant contributions to global energy issues. Our programs contribute to the development of innovations, the accumulation of knowledge and the formation of the future energy industry.


Each year, the Global Energy Association holds the Energy of Youth, an annual competition to accelerate scientific progress in Russia's energy sector by encouraging young scientists to carry out their research within the field. The competition is conducted among the specialised research and academic institutions of the Russian Federation.

Participants must be under 35 years of age, citizens of the Russian Federation, actively involved in research in the energy sector, enrolled in a university course focusing on the field of “power”, and already have their own publications on energy or power. While preparing their programmes for the Contest, young people are not allowed to receive assistance from more than one academic adviser. No age restrictions are imposed on such advisers.




  • Stanislav Fedotov. Research topic: "Development of a Potassium-Ion Battery Based on Polyanionic Electrode Materials" (Moscow)
  • Juri Luponosov. Research topic: "Translucent and flexible solar cells based on new organic materials with enhanced stability" (Moscow)
  • Ivan Evdokimov. Research topic: "Development of Self-Extinguishing Wellhead Coupling Closure Members Used for Hydrocarbons Extraction by Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing Method" (Troitsk)


  • Baskakov, Evgeny Borisovich. Research topic: "The search for the optimal design of thin-film thermoelectric generator based on SmS" (Moscow)
  • Krupenev Dmitry Sergeevich. Research topic: "The development of a methodology for justifying the reservation of generating capacity, structure and throughput of power transmission lines of intelligent electric power systems" (Irkutsk)
  • Mamontov Artem Yuryevich. Research topic: "The development of a control system for mixing and heating of biomass in a multi-chamber biogas reactor for the continuous loading of raw materials" (Belgorod)


  • Mikhail Andreev. Research topic: “The development of  hardware and software platform for the real time all mode modelling of intellectual energy systems (Tomsk)
  • Andrey Minakov. Research topic: “Calculation and experiment research of the ways to suppress pressure LF oscillations in the tract of hydro machines used in high-head hydroelectric stations (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Ivan Starkov. Research topic: “Practical development of the solid state refrigerant based on the multicaloric effect” (Saint Petersburg).


  • Alexei Buchkov. Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Theme of research: Mechanochemical Synthesis of new types of solid biofuels from renewable raw materials. (Novosibirsk).
  • Sergei Kasheev. University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University). Theme of research: Aviation Raman lidar for search of oil and gas fields (Saint-Petersburg).
  • Ivan Matsak. Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" named after S. Korolev.Theme of research: Remote power supply of aircraft and robotic devices with infrared radiation on Earth and in space. (Korolev).





Institute of Continuous Education Top Managers and Specialists of Fuel and Power Industries - one of the oldest educational institutions in industry, is under the authority of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. ICETMS FPI is offering the following options of educational services: advanced training, professional retraining (additional qualification, teaching another kind professional activity) international cooperation, seminars, trainings, master classes. 

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