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The Global Energy Association brings together under its auspices young specialists, journalists and leading experts in the global energy field. We inspire young scientists to create advanced scientific and technological developments. Based on the experience of conducting events at the global level, we have formed an international discussion platform where scientists play the leading role. Every year we reward journalists who have made significant contributions to global energy issues. Our programs contribute to the development of innovations, the accumulation of knowledge and the formation of the future energy industry.


The Global Energy Association holds the All-Russian contest of implemented innovative projects in the field of energy, The Energy of Breakthrough, every year since 2014. Its main aim is to support talented Russian scientists and impulse them for the further development of their technologies.

Scientists, students, post-graduate students of higher educational and research institutions as well as experts from specialized organizations under 45 years of age from all regions of Russia are eligible to participate. The key criterion is to show that the development is successfully applied in practice.Thus, the contest contribute to the development of Russian competitive products and breakthrough innovations. The winner gets the personal prize which accounts to RUB 1 million. In addition to the monetary prize, this contest provides a great opportunity for scinetists to present themselves and share their successful time-tested projects.

To participate in the contest The Energy of Breakthrough young innovators must apply online on the Association`s website.



  • Trinchenko Alexsey, St. Petersburg, Associate Professor of Nuclear and Thermal Energy Department of the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Project: “Development and implementation of low-temperature vortex method of environmental protection from harmful emissions of thermal electric power plants”.


  • Plotnikov Leonid, Yekaterinburg, Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin. " Project: The complex modernization of gas-air systems of reciprocating and combined internal combustion engines due to improvement of gas dynamics and heat transfer.


  • Mikhail Chernetskiy, Novosibirsk,  The Institute of Thermal Physics under the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciebnces. Mikhail is awarded for the project "Complex of mathematical models for the processes of coal fuels flare combustion, formation of harmful emissions and slagging of heating surfaces in coal-fired boilers "


  • Dmitry Malevskiy, St. Petersburg, Ioffe Physical Technical Institute. Dmitry was awarded for the invention of  the equipment for solar batteries testing

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