World Future Energy Summit (Abu Dhabi). Day 1

World Future Energy Summit (Abu Dhabi). Day 2

World Future Energy Summit (Abu Dhabi). Day 3

Scientific conference in Novosibirsk

Alexey Kontorovich anniversary

Conference New competencies for leaders in the energy sector challenges of the future

Igor Lobovskiy gives a lecture at MGIMO

Global Energy International Award Committee session, March 25

Thomas Blees delivers a lecture at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, March 26

Press conference on the announcement of the Global Energy Prize laureats 2014

Professor Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson’s lecture at MSU

Press conference «Innovations in energy efficiency field in Russia»

Scientific symposium Energy of thought

The laureates 2014 visit Electrophysics and Electroenergy University

GEP laureates press conference in the framework of SPIEF

The Global Energy Prize 12th awarding ceremony

The Global Energy International Award Committe session

Imperial Porcelain Factory. Excursion and reception in honor of the laureates

The Second All-Russian Championship on solving cases in mining. Final

Professor Thorsteinn Ingi Sigfusson, the Global Energy Prize laureate 2007, celebrates his 60th anniversary

The Global Energy Prize laureate Lars G Larsson speaks at the Youth International Forum

Ministry of Internal Affairs contest Shield and pen awarding ceremony

The Global Energy participates in All-Russian Science Festival

The “Global Energy” participation in the 16th Annual CIS Oil and Gas Transportation Congress

The Global Energy participation in the 1st All-Russian forum of techonological leadership of Russia

The GEP’s Team participation in the 3rd International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving

Energy of Youth Award Ceremony

The Global Energy Prize Summit in Singapore