1.1 These Regulations of the international media competition Energy of Words (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”) shall govern the organisation and conduct of the international media competition Energy of Words (hereinafter referred to as “Competition”).

1.2 The Competition is held to draw the attention of Russian and foreign journalists, employees of press services, analysts, bloggers, authors of printed and electronic mass media outlets (hereinafter referred to as “Contestants”) to energy-related matters, including energy balance, energy transition, scientific research and new technologies, climate change and other issues of today’s energy sector.

1.3 The Competition is open to all creators of information materials, regardless of their nationality, race, citizenship, gender, age and social status.

1.4 An award shall be conferred on the Contestants who have submitted the best works that have a positive impact on the development of the industry and safety of the planet. The award includes a cash prize established by the Organiser and an honorary diploma. The amount of the cash prize depends on the place won by the Contestants and shall be mentioned by the Organiser in a notice announcing the Competition.

1.5 Winners of the Competition will be selected in the following eight categories:

  •   Best article on energy in a nationwide media outlet;
  •   Best article on energy in a regional media outlet;
  •   Best article on energy from a news agency;
  •   Best Telegram channel or blog on energy;
  •   Best TV spot on energy;
  •   Best press service in the energy industry;
  •   Best piece on energy originating from abroad.

8.* Special categories from partners of the Competition.

1.6 The number of categories can be changed by the Competition Organiser.



1.1. The Competition is organised by the Global Energy Association on development of international research and projects in the field of energy.

1.2. The Organiser shall:

2.2.1 Notify potential Contestants by posting information on the Organiser’s website and releasing notices in media outlets and/or social networks.

2.2.2 Accept submissions for the Competition.

2.2.3 Organise expert evaluation of the submissions and make arrangements for the activities of the panel of judges for summing up the results of the Competition.

2.2.4 Organise an award ceremony for the Competition winners.

2.2.5 Make arrangements for the coverage of the Competition outcome on the Organiser’s website, in the media and/or social networks.



3.1 The Competition shall be announced on the Competition Organiser’s website:, as well as in social networks and elsewhere, at the Organiser’s discretion.

3.2 Submissions for the Competition shall be accepted in electronic form to the web resource indicated by the Organiser in the announcement about the Competition. A Contestant may make submission only for one of the Competition categories. In the interests of the author(s) of created content, technical actions related to making a submission for the Competition shall not be limited to a certain circle of persons or subject to certain conditions. Participation in the Competition is open to everyone.

3.3 Each submission for the Competition shall be evaluated by the experts independently of each other.

3.4 The experts shall evaluate the submissions by the following criteria: uniqueness of the work; relevance of the content; accuracy of the information and facts included in the piece; substance and insight.

3.5 The first stage of the expert examination of the submissions shall be carried out by independent journalists who will act as experts approved by the Competition Organiser.

3.6 At the final stage, where the results of the Competition will be summed up, a panel of judges shall be formed from amongst chief editors of nationwide media outlets and well-known members of the professional community.

3.7 Contestants may not serve as experts or members of the panel of judges. The Organiser’s employees and executives may not take part in the Competition.

3.8 By performing any of the actions aimed at participation in the Competition, the Contestant shall give their consent to the collection, processing and storage of their personal data, as well as express their full and irrevocable consent to a repeated use of the their last, first and middle name (patronymic), image obtained during the photo and/or video shooting at the award ceremony. Consent to the processing of personal data shall be provided for the entire duration of the Competition and until the expiration of five (5) years after the end of the Competition.

3.9 Competition winners shall take part in interviews, photo and video shooting. The copyright (related rights) to photo and video content, including that containing images of Contestants and/or Competition winners shall belong to the Organiser and shall be valid throughout the world for the term of the copyright (related rights) under the law.

3.10 Personal data shall be processed by the Competition Organiser and/or other persons acting on the instruction or assignment of the Competition Organiser in compliance with the principles and rules set forth by Federal Law No. 152-FZ, dated July 27, 2006, “On Personal Data” (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data Law”).


4.1 The Competition shall be held on the basis of the information materials (submissions) of the Contestants.

4.2 Submissions must be published in media outlets or released online on or after January 1, 2022.

4.3 Submissions should deal with any topics related to energy or climate change issues in the context of the development of the fuel and energy industry, according to Clause 1.2 of the Rules.

4.4 Submissions may take the following formats:

  • articles published in printed media;
  • articles released online;
  • items describing independent research;
  • analytical reviews;
  • interviews;
  • TV spots, including those released online;
  • special reports and projects of news agencies;
  • recorded podcasts.

4.5 Submissions can be made both in Russian and in foreign languages. All submissions  must be accompanied by an abstract (not more than 400 words), which specifies the purpose of the submission, issues covered therein, main points, and conclusions made by the author. All submissions in a foreign language must be accompanied by an abstract in English. For submissions in Russian, translation of the abstract into English is not required. An abstract is mandatory for all entries. It should be provided as a PDF or MS Word file.

4.6 Collaborations of two or more authors are allowed to be submitted for the Competition. Submissions may not contain advertisements or content prohibited or not subject to publication in accordance with applicable laws of the Russian Federation. Submissions must respect copyright (i.e. include references to data sources).

Submissions must not infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights of third parties. All submissions for the Competition shall be considered to have been made in compliance with the rights and legitimate interests of copyright holders. Persons making submissions for the Competition shall ensure that the rights and legitimate interests of the holders of copyright involved in the submissions are observed.

4.7 Submitting an entry for the Competition means that the author(s) of the submitted piece grant(s) to the Organiser a simple (non-exclusive) license to use that piece in any form and in any manner not inconsistent with the law, as specified in paragraph 2 of Article 1270 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.



5.1 Submissions for the Competition shall be accepted by the Organiser from June 05 to September 15, 2023. The deadline for the submissions may be extended in exceptional cases only at the Organiser’s discretion, of which the Organiser shall notify all interested parties on the website:



6.1 The winners of the Competition shall be determined in two stages:

6.1.1 During the first stage, a group of independent journalists serving as experts shall build a shortlist of potential winners.

6.1.2 At the final stage, a panel of judges shall select the winners of the Competition from amongst the Contestants on the shortlist.



7.1 Winners of the Competition shall be announced and awarded during the international forum Russian Energy Week.

7.2 Winners of the Competition shall be awarded an honorary diploma and a cash prize. For the purpose of awarding the cash prize, a donation agreement shall be concluded with the Competition winner. Any profit gained by a private individual as a result of taking part in the Competition shall be taxable in accordance with the procedure established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.



8.1 The Organiser reserves the right to invite financial and media partners to hold the Competition.



9.1 These Rules may be amended or enlarged by the Organiser from time to time. A new version of the Rules shall be published on the Organiser’s website: