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The Global Energy Prize Summit has been held on an annual basis since 2012 for discussion of the most urgent energy issues, working out precise mechanisms and ways of their solution and their communication to the public and the world’s leading energy organisations. The Global Energy Prize Summit is a unique discussion platform where in the moderated round table format the Global Energy Prize laureates of various years, leading global energy experts, business and politics leaders discuss relevant topics of the industry.




The VIII Global Energy Prize Summit will take place on April, 10, 2019 at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Karlsruhe (Germany).

  • Plenary session «Energy in the new technological cycle»

Address: Presidium, Adolf-Würth-Building, Engelbert-Arnold-Str. 2, Karlsruhe

Energy used to face challenges, the major of which this day is the transition to the new technological cycle. The time of technology to which we are accustomed is coming to an end, and a new time is rapidly coming – the time of digitalization, robots and artificial intelligence. Living in the new technological cycle is impossible without modern, reliable, safe and available energy. The challenge of transition to such energy is inseparably connected with the improving the quality of life for everyone on the planet.

  • Round tables:

Address: Presidium, Adolf-Würth-Building, Engelbert-Arnold-Str. 2, Karlsruhe

1. The impact of the 4th industrial revolution on the energy sector

The time we live in has become a time of radical changes affecting the scientific, social, economic and other fields of life. The 4th revolution differs in scope and complexity of the implemented changes from all previous ones. Our time is a transitional period: the 4th revolution has not come yet, but the innovations of the third are already out of date. When will the 4th industrial revolution take place? What changes do we need to prepare for? How drones, automation and robots will be able to replace humans? What projects of the future already exist in the world? What impact does it have on energy?

2. The energy requirements for sustainable development

How can the changes connected with the new technological cycle make people's lives easier? More than a billion people, mostly in rural areas, do not have access to electricity. Ensuring access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all is an important requirement for the transition to a new era.

  • Presentation of the Youth Part

Address: Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof, Tulla lecture hall, Englerstraße 11, Karlsruhe

Participants: The Summit will be attended by the Global Energy Prize laureates, experts as well as members of the International Award Committee, young specialists and scientists.


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