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The Global Energy Prize Summit has been held on an annual basis since 2012 for discussion of the most urgent energy issues, working out precise mechanisms and ways of their solution and their communication to the public and the world’s leading energy organisations. The Global Energy Prize Summit is a unique discussion platform where in the moderated round table format the Global Energy Prize laureates of various years, leading global energy experts, business and politics leaders discuss relevant topics of the industry.



IX Global Energy Prize Summit will take place on April 27-28, 2020 at the China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in Beijing (China).


  • Plenary session "Industry and technology in the energy trilemma"

Address: 21 Reservoir Road, Changping District, Beijing


  • Round tables:

Address: 21 Reservoir Road, Changping District, Beijing

1. Future of oil and gas industry in the changing energy mix

2. Long term policy as response to climate change

3. Voice of urbanization: solutions for cities and regions. Showcases from Asia

4. Geopolitical opportunities and challenges of energy systems transition

5. Realistic outlooks,forecasts and impact of climate on humanity

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