Interview with Sergio Abreu, Secretary General of the ALADI (Latin American Integration Association)

Entrevista a Sergio Abreu, Secretario General de ALADI

Global Energy Prize 2021: ganadores del Premio Mundial de Energía 2021

Announcement ceremony of the 2021 Global Energy Prize laureates

September 6. Kazan. Announcement of the 2021 Global Energy Prize laureates

Rainer Seele on OMV’s development plans and the energy resources of the future

Clean energy of the Far East

Julio María Sanguinetti sobre la agenda global sustentable

Julio Maria Sanguinetti on the global sustainability agenda

Zhong Lin Wang on how triboelectric nanogenerators can change everyday life

Zhijun Jin: reducing carbon footprint is a common goal for Russia and China

Omar Yaghi: Organometallic Scaffolds May Help Solve Water Scarcity in African Deserts

Amit Goyal: Superconducting materials can reduce CO2 emissions

Professor Ib Chorkendorff on the role of catalysts in the low carbon future

Yi Cui about the future of lithium-based systems in the electrical transportation

Ruzhu Wang on how pumps can be used to accumulate and heat up air to obtain hot water

On July 1, the Global Energy Association will announce a shortlist for the award of the same name

Riccardo Valentini about engineering professions in low-carbon future at the SPIEF 2021

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rae Kwon Chung at the SPIEF 2021

Nikolaos Hatziargyriou: Distributed generation ensure a safe, affordable and reliable power supply

Peidong Yang: climate change is real and we will not be able to reverse it overnight

“The future of energy. Energy transition.”

Energy of the future. Energy transition

Blue hydrogen: pros and cons

Jay Keasling: we can get to carbon negativity with some types of biofuel

Expert: digital twins could prevent energy collapses

Expert: carbon capture allows to decarbonise infrastructure quickly without rebuilding it again

GECF Gas Lecture Series. Global Energy: Supporting Science and Innovation

Eugen Rusu: Small hydroelectric plants can be a highly effective on the road to a low-carbon future

Advantages and disadvantages of floating PV systems

The call for the 2021 Global Energy Prize nominations closes on March 20!

The 2021 Global Energy Prize nomination cycle is coming to an end

ENCUENTROS TV/AMÉRICA: Entrevista con Sergey Brilev desde Moscú

Marta Bonifert: with the Global Energy Prize you become a part of scientist’s network

Michael Graetzel: I’d like to encourage you to nominate candidates for the top Award in energy

Una conversación sincera con Latinoamérica y sobre Latinoamérica

Rae Kwon Chung: carbon capture and storage will be more critical than ever in the future

Adnan Amin about the event in Texas and decision-making of the future

The 2020 GEP laureate Peidong Yang about the award and its influence on young scientists

Nikolaos Hatziargyriou: the Global Energy Prize encourages scientists to be more dedicated

A special message from the President of the Global Energy Association Dr Sergey Brilev

Un mensaje especial de la Asociación “Global Energy” a nuestros queridos amigos en América Latina

Peter Wilding – Let’s find simpler, smoother ways to reduce emissions

Frede Blaabjerg: the Global Energy Prize is a very well known award, covering all aspects of energy

Khalil Amine: the Global Energy Prize is a great platform to recognise achievements

The Global Energy Prize laureate Rodney Allam about nomination for the Prize

Future of energy sector. Gaidar forum 2021

Interview with the new member of the Global Energy’s Board of Trustees Abel Didier Tella