Interview with Alexander Novak

Interview with Sergey Brilev. ‘Evening hashtag’ programme

TNF 2020.Session “The Future is Today – new possibilities for the industry”

Power electronics. Lecture of Prof Frede Blaabjerg

Online Conference “From Pandemic to Recovery”

Announcement of the 2020 Global Energy Prize laureates

Lightning protection technology. Interview with Prof Jinliang He

Masahiro Watanabe: LNG can replace oil, coal and nuclear power plants

Andrew Holmes about the organic solar cells in a chat with the Global Energy Association

Do we have the right plan for the smooth, clean energy transition? Interview with Henrik Lund

Gas generation or Renewables? What is more promising? Interview with Richard Goldstein

Platinum for hydrogen energy. Interview with Piotr Zelenay, a nominee for the Global Energy Prize

Energy is in the air! A chat with the nominee for the Global Energy Prize 2020 Dr Peidong Yang

Anti-malarials from yeast, and fuels from sugar. Interview with Prof Jay Keasling

Artificial photosynthesis. Interview with Michael Graetzel

Interview with Dr Eli Yablonovitch, nominee for 2020 Global Energy Prize

The first chat with the nominee for the 2020 Global Energy Prize. Interview with Dr Zhao Yang Dong

A chat between Dr Brilev and the Nobel Prize winner Rodney Allam about the carbon capture issues

The future of energy balance. Interview with Sergey Alekseenko

COVID-19 Accelerating a better energy future for all

What’s to be done after the pandemic? Sergey Brilev at the COVID-19 Global Impact Summit

Energy during and after COVID-19

A chat of our president Dr Sergey Brilev with Dr Thomas Blees. The Energy Transition to Come

Space – Based Solar Power Station: What is it and Why It Can Be Dangerous for Humans?

The Economics of Space: What Is The Cost of Launching Solar Power Systems into Earth’s Orbit

Coronavirus and the future of the coal industry. Joint project of the Global Energy Association and VGTRK

Vesti v subbotu. Sergey Brilev 14.03.2020

Russia-1. Interview with Angela Wilkinson

Vesti v subbotu. Sergey Brilev 29.02.2020

The fist solar power station launched in Bashkiria

The Global Energy Association in Belarus. Expanding scientific collaboration

Burzyansk Solar Power Station: Bashkiria for Clean Solutions

GOELRO plan. Vesti v subbotu

Siberian scientists invented new technology to burn oil waste

Vesti v subbotu. Sergey Brilev

The Global Energy Youth Program award ceremony